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Who is Antonin Bouchal?

„When I was a kid, my parents kept telling me, that I am good only in imagination of sky castles.

… They was right, so I became cloud architect.“

Over the 10+ years of my professional experience, I have developed complex and high performance online applications. Whether it was internet banking apps or creating one of the largest thematic eShops in our country, I have always focused on quality code, optimization and security.

Team leading with entire design processes is nothing out of the ordinary for me. I always search for the best, most efficient methods of development possible with subsequent usage in the production environment. For this reason, my standards allow my applications to reduce current and future operating costs for functionality scaling, due to the code being easily understood by new programmers.

How I can help?

Over time, developing projects has become a more and more complex matter and the demand for higher standards and quality are greater than ever before. Therefore, it is important to start and/or extend them the right way – not only to fulfill current requirements, but to also prepare the foundations for future modifications.

The current labor market situation and demand for developers has decreased the seniority level in the field and requirements for being hired are lessening.

For that reason, it is important to keep such ideas in mind when developing processes and separate levels of responsibility to project teams in order to ensure deliveries are not compromised.

One of these levels is the Architect and it is distinguishable from many other sub-levels. These may intertwine with one another based on company or team size.

The Software Architect is the most important – one who cares about the right technology usage and supervises a team’s code quality. Additionally, the Solution Architect, who designs project modules and services structures, is as important so they can both come together to reach a final solution.

And what I can really do?

Throughout my entire career, I have had the opportunities to work with the most massively used server technology for making online applications. Whether it was an ordinary website, programming VOIP telephone exchange or an automatic stock trading system, there are some I prefer and am most familiar with.


My primary programming language is TypeScript (Node.js) for back-end micro-services.

GoLangPython and Swift will always have a special place in my portfolio because some things just can’t be developed without it or sometimes it’s simply the best possible option – those being, AWS LambdasMachine learning algorithms or iOS MacOS applications.

I no longer actively do front-end for clients, but I still adopt the latest trends and technologies for supervising coders as part of a team. In this field, I can utilize React.jsVue.js and of course HTMLCSS.

I have a long history using PHP, which is still one of my favorite languages but it no longer fits with my primary focus.

At the end of the day, I still believe that the programming language should never be a limitation for any programmer if he/she is familiar with basic programming paradigms and patterns.


Being a developer is not just about programming but also about effective code distribution and its deployment to production and other environments.

In addition, to optimize settings for the developer processes, I use Gitlab CIGithubAWS CodePipeline and others.

Of course, it’s really important to not go without mentioning Coding standards and Code review.


I have considerable knowhow with Unix servers configuration and optimization, which I design to best run each application.

Each application should be containerized, so Docker is a mandatory item on every developer’s CV.

I do not currently aim to be a DevOps expert, but Kubernetes and AWS are other parts of my experiences.

GSM: (+420) 776 854 120

I prefer Prague for personal meetings

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